Our causes aims and objectives

  • To setup and operate facilities in third world countries to deliver medical treatment with special emphasis on treatment and prevention of blindness.
  • To hold free eye camps for treatment of poor and needy. Theses camps to be run by organisation or in association with other similar organisation and charities.
  • Provision of optometric and optical services. To provide eye screening to school children.
  • Liaise with existing institution individuals and organisations and promote and setup eye screening facilities.
  • Provide equipment and training to health workers in the field.
  • We provide refraction and free of charges glasses .Lab tests of basics like FBC , U&E, Screening for Diabetes ,Hepatitis B,C and HIV.
  • Free of cost cataract surgery with lens implantation in eye camps.Providing free medicines and medical advice .

Board of Directors

Dr Sohail Chaudhry
Dr N Kanwal
Mr Waseem

Board of trustees

MR Richard Thornborn
Mrs Margaret Mc Dermot
Dr Muhammad Zakria
Mr Waseem
Mrs N Aslam
Dr Kanwal
Dr Sohail Chaudhry

Permanent Volunteer supporting for the field works and executing services includes the following team members

Dr Raiz ud din

( Retired Pathologist and specialist in communicable infectious diseases with a vast experience in different place . mainly worked at US in HIV treatment and prevention )

Dr Zohaib Ul Hassan

Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmic surgeon ,
Expert in Phaco , Extracapsular cataract surgery and suture less small incision cataract surgery . Has done more than 5 000 cataract cases .

Dr Muhammad Zakria

Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmic Surgeon.

Dr Sohail Chaudhry .

Retired GP with a special interest in ophthalmology.

Dr Kanwal Chaudhry ,
General physician dedicated pro active worker and director and trustee . Involved in the well being and health of women’s in deprived areas .
Director , Trustee and a pro active worker .

Mrs N Aslam

One of the trustees . Dedicated worker and educationist . Actively supporting the camps and creating awareness about the cure able blindness .

Hafiz Ali Zaman BA
Volunteer support worker . Specialist in communication and education of patients and diseases.

Mr M Adeel ,
specialist support care worker , specialist in management of operation theater , sterilization .

Haji Ahmed
Health care support worker , specialised in patient evaluation , preparation for operation responsible pre op and post op patient care of cataract patients .

Mr Hafeez
Volunteer heath care support worker mostly been trained for the assistance of surgeon during surgeries.

Mr Ziad Ahmed Butt .
Dedicated volunteer responsible for the IT , Database and arrangements of the camps

Mr Masood .
Part time volunteer trained operation theater technician . responsible for the management of operation theater .

We have a dedicated generous donors ( mostly are from the trustees and directors, who are working and actively participating and providing there expertise in the relevant fields as well aiming to reduce the blindness as much as possible ) providing the funds to support for the continuous limited work to carry out the ophthalmic cataract surgery camps and ophthalmic care in poor and deserving parts of the world . Optomed has worked and is doing continuously in the Tanzania , remote parts of Pakistan , Bangladesh .

Our Team

All of this make this possible