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Optomed is providing the medical and surgical services in the remote areas of third world underdeveloped countries. Optomed has arranged free ophthalmology camps in Pakistan , Nepal , Bangladesh. Hundreds of patients were operated for cataract surgery and lens implantation. More than ……… were examined and screening for diabetes, Hepatitis , HIV was done and essential referral and care and guidance and referral was provided.

Currently there are 4 dispensaries running on regular basis providing the free medical consultation and medicines in Pakistan , detail is as under.

Pippllan dispensary at Mianawalli is providing a basic medical care and medicines to the residents of the pipplan.

Pindi Q azam col
Providing care in Suburbs of Pindi ,

Madu LAL Baghaban Pura Lahore
Kerma Farm House Dispensary .

No of the surgeries and camps were carried out in remote areas of Pakistan

District Rahim Yar Khan , Kot Samaba , Chowak Bahdur pur , Kot Sabzal .
District Jehlum
District Sahiwal
District Rawalpindi
Distraict Khushab
The cataract surgery is performed with the lens implantation by the expert qualified ophthalmic surgeons.